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A malt liquor. It'll get ya drunk!

A single action semi-automatic handgun, otherwise known as the M1911, made by Colt. Chambered in .45 ACP, it has seen service from WW1 to the present day.
We passed the Colt 45 around until we were all passed out.

He drew his Colt 45 and shot him in the face
by Vaughn Proctor October 16, 2006
A person who is an asshole because he/she always makes smartass sarcastic comments.
Scott: So she opens the box of cheerios.
Scott: And she says, "WOW! Donut seeds!"
Kyle: Yeah, cause that was really funny.
Scott: Stop being such a sarcasshole.
by Vaughn Proctor February 09, 2006
A Teenage Christian/Pop band made up of 4 teenagers 17-18 years old. Many of their songs are featured in Disney movies and TV shows.
I can't get that song by Jump 5 out of my damn head.
by Vaughn Proctor January 11, 2006
A website that sells T-shirts with slogans on them that would be funny if they weren't on a t-shirt.
Scott: Hey guys, look at my funny shirt!!! I'm cool!!!
Joe: It's not funny if I have to read a fucking paragraph just to get the point, retard.

I hate busted tees.
by Vaughn Proctor January 27, 2006
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