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2 definitions by Vaughan Murray

noun - An online website that hosts a diary-type bulletin board, where teenagers, most commonly, post a daily diary entry describing how they attempted suicide for the ump-teenth time, tell how their boyfriend/girlfriend dumped them, and how much their lives generally suck.
User: "Shawn dumped me today.... I burned his pictures. I tried to get his smell off me, but it won't go away... I wonder what I'll look like if I burn to death..."
by Vaughan Murray May 24, 2003
Verb or adverb, used to describe a gluttonous act of eating to much ham or ham products in one sitting, such as Thanksgiving. Can also be used to describe excessive eating in general.
Man 1: *groan* If I eat anything else, I will explode.
Man 2: "Yeah, that was some serious hamage, bro."
by Vaughan Murray May 24, 2003