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Your Daily ration of how much weed you can smoke. Usually defined by budget or a spouse.
I can't roll a joint now; I only have one left for my puff diem, and I'm saving that for the movie tonight
by Vapor S. Thompson October 07, 2010
A term used by vapers (users of electronic cigerettes). Refers to a nasty dry burning taste you can experience from having a dry atty (atomizer).
That last puff tasted a little dratty; do you have any e-liquid on you?
by Vapor S. Thompson October 30, 2010
Another name for e-liquid; the liquid that you put in an electronic cigarette
"I can't wait for my NicFitNation order to get here. I've got four new flavors of e-juice on order.
by Vapor S. Thompson October 30, 2010
Short for Atomizer; the part of an Electronic Cigarette that creates the vapor from the E-Liquid
"I can't get this menthol flavor out of my atty, I gonna switch it out for a fresh one"
by Vapor S. Thompson October 30, 2010
ADV: All Day Vape. This is a term used by vapers to signify that an eliquid flavor is suitable to be vaped all day as your main flavor. Usually more sutle tobacco flavors and not really fruity ones.
Have you tried the new AppleWood Tobacco? It's my new ADV
by Vapor S. Thompson December 16, 2010
To Grimm Something is a term used by some YouTuber product reviewers meaning that they dropped something during the video.

Started from VST, refering to the famous Electronic Cigarette reviewer, Grimm Green.
I would like to show you this new device, opps; I almost grimmed that on the floor. I hate it when I Grimm Something and have to re-shoot a video.
by Vapor S. Thompson January 24, 2011
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