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Symbol known to be used by the Finnish band called 'HIM' (His Infernal Majesty). It's a sort of reversed pentagram but just slightly changed into roundings on the top so you see a heart in the middle of it...
Represents a relationship between love and hate, life and death...
It's not worn by pussies like the person upstairs here told you but just a symbol for those who are confused by love (just listen to the lyrics of HIM and get swept away)
=> Beautifull symbol, for a beautifull amazing outstanding touching... mysterious band (what more can I say?!)
The heartagram stands for HIM as a band, as an entity. And for love metal in general!
by Vanilmwë July 26, 2004
NOooooooooooooooooooo...ooooo!!! They mustnt stop their music and Timo K. (singer) must come back!!! Don't care if the other still there but want to hear my angel sing again!

I just love listening to his voice! (and ofcours admiring his long golden hair)

The music just takes you away... It's just breathtaking and sometimes it really makes you cry for more (or just cry... the lyrics possesses much emotions)

So... just listen to them... buy a cd or two... they're great and will always stay in my heart... I think I will never get bored listening to their music (so is the music of "HIM")
Songs you should definately listen to:
Elements, Black Diamond, Paradise, Infinite, Keep the Flame, ...
by Vanilmwë July 29, 2004

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