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When Percy Harvin does something so insane you draw wood.
Tim: Hey did you see Percy Harvins run last name?
Joe: Did I see it?! I had a Percy Hardon all night!
by Vanilla Weis March 03, 2009
A blend of the slang word "broheim" and the common fills you up and never lets you down popular beer "bud light".
Steve: Later dude

Jimmy: Take it easy broheiser
by Vanilla Weis June 01, 2009
When Kirk Hinrich of the Chicago Bulls does a nasty crossover and step back J in the face of anyone who dares to try and guard him.
Tom: Did you see the bulls game last night?
Dave: Naw, but I saw Rip Hamilton got worked by the Hinrich Manuever on ESPN.
by Vanilla Weis March 04, 2009
The new slang for vaginal secretion.
Kevin: Dude what happened?

Jimmy: I was going down on her and her muffin juice got all over my shirt!
by Vanilla Weis June 01, 2009
Derived from the work "dank". A word used to describe something of excessive dankness, usually referring to a location that is really awesome thus explaining the "Shire" ending.
Matt: "bro, have you eaten at that new restaurant on 4th ave?"

Tom: "yea dog, it was the dankshire"
by Vanilla Weis November 05, 2010
what would kirk hinrich do?
sometimes you need to just ask yourself, wwkhd?
by Vanilla Weis March 03, 2009

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