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-Believing that there is indeed a God , but he does not meddle in the everyday lives of human beings. Also believing that religion is a major thorn in the side of world unity.
-Okay you smug fucks.I don't know where the hell you got the information that early deists were slave owning racists. Thomas Paine , a very prominent deist (author of The Age of Reason) was classified as an abolitionist and was very much against the institution of slavery. Furthermore , even if there were some founding fathers who were deist , and owned slaves , does not mean they were racist , or evil , they were just adapting to the culture , which at the time entailed slavery. Roman Catholics killed Muslims in many Crusades for Jerusalem , does that make all Roman Catholics murdering radicalists?!?! The religion of many of the world's radical terrorists just happens to be Islam , does that make all Muslims terrorist?
-And for the r-tard (Hell awaits ..) that said "god doesn't interfere with our daily lives blah blah blah, but he bestowes the gift of reason upon us which would be god interfering with us which according to deists and their high and mighty "reason" he doesn't do but they just said he does do it,blah blah blah"
-Are you retarded? How does reason being the greatest gift God has given us mean that he meddles in our daily lives? U idiot. He does not stand there and assign reason to everyone that is born , which is apparently what you believe , it just means that he gave humans the gift of reasoning so we could all make choices for ourselves.
-Also to the invalid who said : "the religion of extreme racists and liars"
-Obviously God did not give u the gift of reasoning. One of the primary deist beliefs is religion is evil and a curse on humanity. O , your whole statement was just rendered void.
-So in conclusion , all you deist haters need to research a little more before you start spewing shit propaganda from your unenlightened mouths.
R-tard : Deists are just a bunch of evil racist , smug bastards.

Smart person: If hating religion because it divides humanity , and relying on reason and wanting to help thy fellow man because that is what God wants makes me an evil racist , smug bastard .. Sign me up!!!!

Deism , sweet.
by Van Occupanther January 02, 2007

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