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2 definitions by Valley's Own

The process of an erection due to being aroused by machine gun fire, explosions, jet engines and large amounts of blood and gore.
As I was massacring my opponents in COD I earned a chopper gunner and the sound of the chain and the propeller meshing together fueled my raging war boner

Dude I noticed in the middle of Apocalypse Now you had a total war boner!
by Valley's Own April 05, 2011
one bitch of petite size and quality, who can withhold the long and sturdiest ride of a stiff cock. one who is addicted to riding the shaft, recovering energy from each pelvic thrust into her swamp (like a horse) the girl that most guys want to look for, but probably hangs like sleeve of wizard.
that shantell is such a boner jockey.

jennifer rode me last night like a boner jockey

imma bouts to boner jockey that mans horse dick.
by Valley's Own April 05, 2011