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There are quite a few kinds of Goood Charlotte fans.

1- Pre teens who think that Benji and Joel (the band's front men) are "OmG So0o0o0 hawT"

2- Kids who at first liked them because it was the fad but now hate them because it's the new fad. See Good Charlotte haters

3- People that at onje time liked there music but were sorely dissapointed in there new album but still find it fun to hang out online laughing at new pictures of Goood Charlotte or reminising about the old days. While to some they come out as haters they really love the band deep down but just find them the perfect thing to poke fun at,

4- The people who actually like Good Charlotte's music.
What they might say-

1- "OmG BInGee n JooL R so0o0o LyK SeCsI!1!1! LoLzZzzZzz"

2- "Good charlotte totally suck. They're posers. I hate them. I like My Chemical Romance and The Used. I think saying all this make me incredibly cool.

3- "Dude! Did you see Good Charlotte on Tv last night? It was so dissapointing. Remember back in 2000 when they were a good band? And what's with the sunglasses and hoodies in winter, are they all on heroin or something?"

4- "Wasn't that solo in "SOS" amazing?
by Valerie is not a psycho August 29, 2005
You know those people who go around bashing a band that's not even popular anymore just because they think it'll make them and their pathetic taste in music look better? Newflash: Good Charlotte aren't cool anymore. I'm sorry to tell you but they're back to being the loser thing. (That's probably why I like them right now.) So if you;re going to say how they "OmG So0o0lD OuT!1111!" turn on the TV. They aren't on there. Turn on the radio. Nope. Pick up a music magazine. No. But I will tell you who you will see- My Chemical Romance and The Used.
Oh and if you're going to say that they're posers then I would like to ask you what they're posing to be. They've never said they were punk they've actually said the exact opposit numerous times. I'm sorry to inform you but it was people like you who slapped that label on them in the first place.
And by the way if you think Marilyn Manson is going to back you up on this you're wrong. He recently said "Good Charlotte say nice thing about me in interviews and I'm having a hard time disliking them. They're very catchy and good at what they do. I'll admit it, Good Charlotte are OK in my books." Direct quote. Though Manson has said on variouse occasions that he would like to punch Gerard from MCR in the face.
A normal thing a Good charlotte hater would say-

Good Charlotte Hater- Good Charlotte are totally poseurs who suck and I think it makes me really cool to say this.
by Valerie is not a psycho August 29, 2005
A name made up by a person who has too much time on there hands and thinks it looks cool to diss a band that's currently the fad to dislike.

Also see Good Charlotte Haters
The person was so horrible at making fun of Good Charlotte that they actually thought that Shitty Charlotte was a good insult.
by Valerie is not a psycho August 29, 2005
Underground rock band from long Island that kicks some major @$$. They play all types of rock and do not like to be limited to one type.

Alert the media are the best thing since Ramen noodles.
by Valerie is not a psycho August 29, 2005

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