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1 definition by Val Drake

A member of the scent hound family of dogs. They are known for their very long ears, adorable sad expression, and talentled nose. A basset's sense of smell is second only to the bloodhound. They have very long ears, a prominent haw (which gives them droopy looking eyes), and short little legs. They usually weigh 50-70 lbs. The basset hound was initially bred for hunting rabbits. Basset means "low set" in french.

Bassets are very sweet, kind-hearted dogs. They love everyone and everything and will drag you to say hello to everyone they see (or smell!). They have the traditional hound stubborness, but owners love them for it! This determination to get their way is often comical. They are not the dog for you if you demand a dog's undivided attention or obedience, but are the perfect dog for someone who will love them to pieces and have a sense of humor about their antics.

Beware- You will become addicted to this wonderful breed!
Oh no! My basset hound ate the filet mignon off the table!
by Val Drake January 01, 2010