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its short for "lifted research group" it's an urban clothing line. they give out a great deal of great clothing.
"damn nigga your LRG shirt is fuckin bananas!"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 04, 2005
to make fun of someone by their apperance, orientation,race, etc or to make it easier to joke on someone
"aye hitlers mama has one big titty and one small titty and they named the bitch biggie smalls"

"nigga if ya keep siggin on mah mama then nigga ill shoot yah!"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 03, 2005
bitch ass shithead mother fuckin nigga
(ba' shh ma fin)
"yo our science teacher, Mr.isaacson is a bashmfn!"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 05, 2005
some hyphy filipino dude that makes definitions on urban dictionary and his name is spelled VaLLeJo THiZzin' soo yah know damn well hes filipino.
" damn dude that VaLLeJo THiZzin' nigga is makin hella definitions..."
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 05, 2005
The BEST (middle school) drumline in NOR CAL. it originated in the early 90's and they are known to be fuckin tight! they are drummin tight today too, another name for them is franklin drumcorps (FDC). of course they are from franklin in VALLEJO and they will never stop...
" ooh shit there comes franklin drumline, yah niggaz better watch out cuz franklin is fuckin bananas!"

FDC what time is it!?
it's time ta get LOUD it's time ta represent!
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 04, 2005
usually said to annoy the hell outta people, but its only cool when it's in that HYPHY REMIX SONG FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!!!!
sean--- aye tom!
tom--- what?
sean---chigababa chigababa!
tom--- gahhhhh!!!!!
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 03, 2005
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