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1. Someone who cuts themself. It's a pretty stupid term used by middle-schoolers and idiots in general. The correct term is a "self-harmer", or a "cutter".

2. A style of music, loosely linked to Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, and Alesana. Mostly comprised of high male vocals and screaming. Can also be associated with punk.

3. Emotional or sad.

4. A person usually between the ages of 10 and 25 that listens to "emo" music and occasionally you find one that is a cutter. A typical "emo kid" wears skinny jeans, band t-shirts that are often tight, and flat-bottomed shoes like Converse and Vans. Their hair often obscures one or both eyes, and can be dyed different colours. Hair is usually straightened, but can be natural.

Emo kids usually are pretty introverted, but are SUPER nice and they won't give you shit for no reason. Their life depends on music and their multiple friendships. Emos are generally really in touch with their friends and their emotions. Some emos cry a lot and are very sensitive.


Emo kids are NOT attention seekers.
They are not bitchy (for the most part).
And they do not like being called "fags". While some emos are in fact homosexual, there are also bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and heterosexual people in the emo category.
1. Dumbass: Are you emo?
Emo kid: Da fuck ... are you asking if i'm a cutter? o.o

2. Awesome person: Hey, you like emo music?
Me: Hell yeah!
Awesome person: Yay :D Bro, Breathe Carolina rocks.<3
Me: You are now my friend, whether you like it or not. c:

3. Sad person: Ughhh, i'm feeling so emo today >~<
Friend: Awh, cheer up man. Have a cookie.

4. Random girl: Holy shit that guy's hot!
Other random girl: Wow, i didn't know you were into emo guys.
Random girl: Of course! They're only the cutest, sweetest guys ever, and they know how to dress for sure :P
by VCRVHWEJUBVRH VBU November 28, 2011

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