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a sometimes good genre of music... usually with indie kid's as followers
Indie music represents the way the world should be.....not
by VC Brewers 2005 edition May 01, 2005
Someone who is so cool that they cannot interact with the general public for an extended period of time in fear of being sucked in to the wave of pop-culture. Little do they know that they are the new pop-culture. Indie people are by definition, better than everyone else purely because they listen to music with the same things techno music is made with. Indie kids' favorite pastimes include crying, blogging (writing in journals), being in touch with their emotions (which is really just an excuse for the crying), carrying an elitist attitude, crying some more, being very liberal, talking about bands that no one has heard of, crying more, comparing bands with friends to see who knows more, wearing things that make them an "idividual" (really just things that convey their "im too indie for you to even talk to" attitude...these clothes can be found at any local Hot Topic store), crying some more, hating punk rock even though if it wasnt for punk rock there would be no indie music, hating everyone else, judging people based upon music, thinking they know everything, fantisizing about death in poetic fashion, compairing everyday meaningless events... to their life and how the world is made to see THEM speciffically suffer...even though no one cares, crying, never saying theyre indie...because thats just not indie, not ever listening to a band played on the radio or that more than 3 people have heard of even though they all listen to the beatles, and overall just being indie.

Indie music is good...sometimes... but this whole cult of indie-nazis needs to go. So if you listen to this music im sorry if i offended you, unless youre an indie kid in that case...get off urbandictionary.com because more than 4 people have heard about it...YOURE SUBSCRIBING TO POPCULTURE...HURRY...RUN... hopefully no one saw you on this site or else your indie reputation is done and you will have to write 20394 poems without sleep over a course of 3 months in the shower with no water to reclaim your indie status.
"Oh f*ck Im so indie i stare at the sun and pray for death"
"Oh f*ck Im so indie i take showers with my clothes on and write poetry"
"Oh f*ck Im so indie every time someone talks about pop culture I run to my room and cry for an hour"
"Oh f*ck Im so indie i dont eat meat because cows have feelings, but mainly because they're not indie enough for me to consume because they're all conformists, with their black and white"
"Oh f*ck Im so indie that one time i found a 100 dollar bill and used it to give myself papercuts because purcahsing with money is sooo conformist.
"Oh f*ck Im so indie i walked into a room with 3 people in it and proceeded to walk out because one of them was wearing sneakers"
by VC Brewers 2005 edition May 01, 2005

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