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When you are having sex and when the beat to nickelodean comes on and you jizz on the female just as the orange nickelodean splash pops on the screen, it takes skill and perfect timing.
Guy: hey babe im gonna nickelodean tonight, cool?

Female: ok, but make sure you time it right this time and end it when when it actually says nickelodean... Not when rugrats comes back on.
by V.r.d. 619 December 28, 2011
When a person gives head( blow job ) and kisses someone, there is then a long white string attached from one persons lips, to the other. The white stringy substance is cum.
Guy: eww wtf, did you just give me a marshmallow kiss?!

Girl: umm, i guess. Since we're here i'm gonna go ahead and tell you, i've been cheating on you.
by V.r.d. 619 December 28, 2011

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