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A spongy-hard magic button that, when rubbed, can send its owner on a magic carpet ride. The sensations are more thrilling than any rollercoaster, with similar changes in gravity but the same dizzy feeling when it's all over.
Whenever she rubs her clit, she soars higher than a rollercoaster.
by V. Cummings July 29, 2006
To lick or tongue the anus of a person (man or woman) for the purpose of arousing that person (and, perhaps, yourself)
Dick's favorite part of foreplay with Jane was to eat ass.
To eat ass requires the usage of a dental dam to prevent contracting an STD.
by V. Cummings July 29, 2006
n. a smooth fucking session (not to be confused with the rough stuff in Brando's controversial butter scene in the Bertolucci film Last Tango in Paris)
As he and his wife grew older, he took consolation in the mellow rhythms of a butter fuck in their sleigh bed.
by V. Cummings August 03, 2006
Someone, esp. a woman, who emits rather loud vocalizations during orgasm

Also: A woman that is able to give herself, or be enabled to experience, multiple orgasms
He brags how his next-door neighbors leave their windows open at night because his latest girlfriend is a comer.

The woman confided in her closest friends how she learned the night before that she was multi-orgasmic, but that day her boyfriend announced to anyone within earshot that she was a comer.

by V. Cummings August 01, 2006
1) Adjective for a woman or man so obsessed with a recent male lover that she or he finds it difficult to initiate a romance with anyone else
2) (used for a part of the body such as buttocks, breasts or thighs) Bearing a bruise from being flogged by a man's heavy penis
1) When Harry fucked Sally, she experienced her first multiple orgasm, and after she told her friends that the experience made her not want to meet other men, her friends accused her of being dick-whipped.
2) After Harry jerked off on Sally's ass for a good 10 minutes, it looked dick-whipped and required an ice pack.
by V. Cummings July 29, 2006
vt.: To de-program an information addict by temporarily removing all of his or her computers from the premises

n.: the de-programming of an information addict by temporarily removing all of his or her computers from the premises
The teen's parents nearly mistook his darting eyes and undecipherable speech for schizophrenia or excessive pot smoking, but after a comprehensive examination of his computer activities, they determined he needed to be i-toxed.
by V. Cummings August 01, 2006
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