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The tracks that lead you to pound town.
When you are putting in work to bone a chick you are at the penetration station. But don't be fooled, just because you're at the penetration station doesn't mean you will take the ride to pound town.
"What are you up to tonight"
"Oh you know, at the penetration station. Got two one way tickets to pound town."
by V Rizzle August 19, 2013
A place a dude takes a chick to show how how wonderful his weiner is.
"I'm about to take this bitch to weiner wonderland tonight, maybe even end up at bonnerville"
by V Rizzle August 19, 2013
Where you take bitches to bone them.
"I got two tickets to bonerville"

"I'm going to show her my weiner wonderland at bonerville tonight."
by V Rizzle August 19, 2013
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