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Verb: to walk the streets, hence 'bop' the streets. Derived from the description applied to one's gait (manner of walking).

Noun: a 'bop' is time spent bopping (walking) the streets, normally with friends, encompassing all that occurs during this time. Can also be 'solo-bopping' when walking the streets on one's own.
Verb: 'I just saw him bop over there and then when he was bopping back he had a bag with him.'

Noun: 'I couldn't believe so many things happened on that bop yesterday.'
by Uzi J July 26, 2006
Someone who 'keeps it real' why they bop (walk) the streets. As the streets, indeed the world in general, becomes populated with more 'fakers' 'haters' and 'wannabes' the true bopper is a somewhat dying breed. Those who are remaining represent the real and refuse to go under the submerging forces of those with less integrity. One who maintains in the face of much hatred.
'He's always been a true bopper, look at the way he never gave up ever since we first saw him bopping these streets.'
by Uzi J July 26, 2006
A person who walks the streets and lives a street existence. Commonly used in UK, especially in London. Derived from the term bop which means 'to walk the streets.' Boppers come from an extremely wide social spectrum but consist mainly of those in the middle and lower classes. Of course, by definition, anyone who walks the streets is a 'bopper' for however long they continue to do so. It is an art form which dictates that one must at all times be aware to be a successful 'bopper' and thus hold one's own on the ever-changing and consistently dangerous streets.
'You'll see that guy all the time around here walking about. He's a regular bopper.'
by Uzi J July 26, 2006

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