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or American Association of Name Takers and Ass Kickers.

When spoken aloud "antak" it is used to associate ones commitment to the fraternal organization.
Look at all these sore asses, and traces of graphite pencil lead and role sheets, aantak was here.
by Usless Definitions September 30, 2005
1. A small tool used by 4-year university students, democrats, and anyone owning a blog to play music, to fuel their madness with green day.

2. An RIAA Black Ops project to charge people for music, and making them think in the process they are rebeling.

3. A series of small pocket sized media devices, used for personal entertainment.

4. Something white people buy.
"Hey Bob-izzle! Have you seen my ipod, i can't write in my webjournal without it."
by Usless Definitions September 30, 2005
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