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1 definition by Ursus Minor

A sudden, suspicious, and unexplained rise in stock market prices at the end of the trading day. Attributed by observers to market manipulation by large financial institutions.

In particular, a "ramp job" is suspected to be the work of the secretive "PPT" (Plunge Protection Team). Refers to an attempt to sustain artificially high prices in equities despite an overall bear-market trend.

Derisive term suggesting nefarious activity, related to other slang terms such as "whack job" (secretly arranged contract murder) and "hack job" (ineffective temporary solution to a problem).
"Look at that ramp job in the S&P chart at the close on Friday. The PPT is hitting hard, they really do not want this market to fall. Don't believe the hype."
by Ursus Minor June 03, 2009