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2 definitions by Urine Therapy

A product constantly pushed by the dental profession to become popular with the average human. Unfortunatly no one ever uses it and is constantly harassed by dentists who recieve gifts from the floss company to advertise and insist people use their product.
Dentist: I see you do not use dental floss.
Man: Yes i just don't have the time but i do brush 3 times a day.
Dentist: Oh well uhh... YOU HAVE GINGEVITUS THEN!!
by Urine Therapy January 26, 2009
13 4
A word used by an "emo" or wimpy teenage human being normally as a futile attempt for humor when talking to others of his/her kind. Usage requires no balls; as you are subtly replacing the racial term "Nigger."
MCRlovex333: U goin 2 dat concert 2nite nukka'????

NormalBoy: No, youre lame.
by Urine Therapy January 23, 2009
15 29