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One who is sexually attracted to human excrement (feces.)
Fecephiliacs are generally broken down into three categories.

1) homofecephiliacs -- Perhaps the most benign of the fecephiliac family, homofecephiliacs enjoy eating and/or using their feces in a sexual manner. Actions such as spreading one's feces accross one's bare chest and perhaps writing one's own name, may be categorized as homofecephiliac behavior. Laxatives are a general favorite to such people.

2) heterofecephiliacs -- Heterofecephiliacs are attracted to the excrement of others. Similar to homofecephiliacs, heterofecephiliacs engage in similar activities. However, heteroes are often at a disadvantage when it comes to sexual pleasure. It is often difficult for heterofecephiliacs to find others who share the same interests. There have been few reported cases of fecephiliac rape. Tools such as rope, laxatives, and a chamber pot came into play. The rapist was never caught.

3) bifecephiliac -- Bifecephiliacs are unique in the sense that they are attracted to anyone's feces. Bifecephiliacs don't mind if the feces they use are from their own body or others. Bifecephiliacs are probably the most common form of fecephiliac and is the easiest taste to satisfy. The 2 girls 1 cup video is a prime example of bifecephiliac behavior. Bifecephiliacs may engage in fexual intercourse. Such things as wrapping a long sopping BM around each other is a common fecephiliac action. There have been reported cases of bifecephiliac's engaging in fexual activity with animals. Some fecephiliac experts consider such people to be in an entire different group, bestiafecephiliacs. Others would like to classify them as omnifecephiliacs as their love of excrement is not limited to anything.
I want to eat fecephiliac poop.

Poop on my chest.

Put that poop in my mouth!

by Urband Ictionary April 28, 2008

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A person who is sexually attracted to vomit. Vomiphiliacs enjoy engaging in activities such as hurling onto their hands and then masturbating with them. There are a variety of ways in which vomiphiliacs elicit their treasured stimulus. Alcohol and the classic finger down the throat are favorites.

It is apparent that vomiphiliacs enjoy vexual assault. Do not be mistaken. Though "vex" makes it sound like a great deal of annoyance afflicts the victim, this is not the case. Vomiphiliac rape usually involves the rape victim being covered in the throw-up of the rapist and afterwards, having the vomit scooped up and eaten. Ejaculating onto vomit is also a favorite form of vomiphiliac vexual activity.

It is unclear if vomiphiliacs are broken up the same way as fecephiliacs. The current accepted theory is all vomiphiliacs are bivomiphiliacs, in that they enjoy any vomit they come accross.
Vomiphiliac: Fuckin' throw up on my cock!
by Urband Ictionary April 30, 2008

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