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2 definitions by MOD

Population: 4,468,976

Like many other places in the U.S., Louisiana in recent years has become a land of casinos -- lots of casinos. But unlike some areas, Louisiana has plenty of other attractions to complement gambling. In fact, we find it hard to stand in front of a slot machine when there are so many other things to experience.

There's New Orleans, of course, one of the country's most distinctive cities and the home of extravagant carnival traditions, transcendent restaurants and exceptional music. And there's Cajun Country, another place unto itself and another place where food and dancing are a way of life as much as they are sustenance and entertainment. Practically anywhere you go in the state, Louisiana's heritage figures prominently, visible in restored antebellum homes and in the small towns that line the Mississippi.
Louisiana is the best place in the world.
by MOD December 13, 2003
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Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits. Orginally from New Orleans, Louisiana
"Love that chicken from Popeye's"
by MOD December 13, 2003
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