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A Person trained for 13 weeks to be better than anyone believed they could. A Person with the Courage, Honor, and Commitment of 10 people. A Person who is Always Faithful to thier country. A person trained with the jobs of 4 average soilders. A Person willing to give thier life for liberty. A Person who can salute the American flag after haveing both legs blown off for it. But most important a person able to kill anyone and anything who stands against them. A Person who no longer can be called a person but rather a Leather-Neck, a TWC (Terrorist Welcomeing Commitee), or Devil-Dog.
Army:"One Marine just took out 27 insurgents by himself after loseing both legs and 3 fingers!"
Navy:"Your pretty cute for someone who spends so much time on land ;)"
AirForce:"Anybody wanna ride outta here?"
by Unorganized Shit Mass Confusion October 11, 2007
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