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Townies are a certain type of people, often teenage youths. That wear awful clothets, dislike anyone who is not a townie (Such as grungers, goths and skaters), have a problem with anyone who is not hard, usually drinks/smokes alot and is often looking for a fight.

Townie clothing:
- Male:
Feel the need to wear brands such as; Nike, Kappa and Adidas. Townies often wear hoodies or tracksuits in colours such as light blue, in which trousers and top are of different clashing colours. Trainers always worn. Often have a single stud earring, and gel/wax their hair down.

Female townies are quite possibly the ugliest people ever. Wearing hoodies with places they don't even have the intelligence to know where they are written on them. Or have lame phrases such as "Angel", "Bling" or "69" written on them. Skirts so short they may as well just wear a belt. Long hair that is blatantly bleached or dyed hair blonde hair with roots that are of a totally different colour. To top this at least 2 huge pikey looking earrings (Obviously fake gold bought down at the market) and enough make-up to drown a third world country.

General Characteristics:
Feels the need to act and move with trents in order to fit in and stay cool. Often townies need to take up smoking or regular drinking to fit in with everyone else. Townies also need to act hard and have a hard crew so they can push everyone else around. Townies hate most people that have any intelligence or any change of a future that doesn't involve crime or bein a bad ass gangsta. Often boasts of times they were paraletic or one of the hundreds of sluts they have got off with. Townies often get most of the girls, even though most of them are covered in spots, are unintelligent and and ugly.

Townies often are unintelligent and do not have a great future to look foward to. Becoming a townie often results in academic failure and being totally stupid (Although there are exceptions).

Older townies often drive cars such as souped up Vauxhall Nova's with chicken wire on the front grill and illegal tacky blue neon lights so they can "pick up all the hot chicks"

In general townies are the most popular people, as most people feel the need to become townies so they can fit in, be cool, act hard and all that other bull. But hated by everyone else because they see them for what they really are: people who feel the need to go with the flow so they can be popular and be accepted by everyone else.
- You should have been with Zoe and her crew last week down, first we were gettin paraletic and then we were goin down an alley and we were chased by people wiv knifes n stuff! But they we saw hoffman crusin in his Nova so he gave us a ride to the rec where we got even more paraletic wiv andy and james who were stabbed earlier n den we got sum weed n smoked it behing maccy d's where hoffman was gettin off wiv caitlain (A day in the life of a townie)

- "No but yeah"

- "Check out my vauxhall nova, im gunna pick up all the hoes now"
by Unknown Soldier July 11, 2004

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