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A very beautiful, cute, smart and flirty girl that loves to talk with her friends. She is usually around 12-18, but 18 its her luckiest year. She will have the chance to meet old friends and travel the world. A Krista is usually shy but once you get to know her she is the best, and a very great friend. Krista loves her friends sooo much, she'll never want to loose them or loose great friendship with them, so don't loose your Krista because her life wouldn't be as great as it was when you were in it.
First day with Krista: Wow Krista, your such a great friend. *making inside jokes with Krista, flirting with her, talking to her everyday all day, loving her (:*
A few years or months later: Who, Krista?, Oh, I don't talk to her much anymore. *Krista is heart broken but doesn't want to show it*
by Unknown (: March 22, 2010

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