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A person who is politically active not through deep convictions but as an adjunct or aid to their social life.
"Where were you today Becky?"
"I went to a protest with Tom, he's so cute!"
"What were you protesting?"
"Um, I dunno, something important!"
"You're such a socialist butterfly!"
by Unka Willbur February 03, 2010
Used in the Southern United States of America to refer to a back-woods, inbred person, whose mama and papa were blood relatives. Always massively ignorant and always dumb as a post. Physically they appear strange, almost always with wide-spaced eyes and black hair, due to their inbred genetic deformities.
That Little gal was a creeker, so he supposed now one would give a damn if he took her back to his shack and gave her a header.
by Unka Willbur August 25, 2010
To view a television show or movie in short segments using the "skip ahead x seconds" feature of modern computer-video players. Usually because the video concerned is of low to moderate interest but otherwise contain large numbers of scene of dubious worth (trite expository dialog, etc.)
Apollo 18 was so boring and predictable, I ended up skip-watching it.
by Unka Willbur December 04, 2011

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