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3 definitions by UndisputedElite

Someone who builds things up only to knock them down at a later time.
After Toby put down the girl he was talking to, I was ready to knock that Mason clean out.

My son always destroys his lego, he's going to be a Mason real soon.
by UndisputedElite January 13, 2013
The date when a product might lose taste but won't poison you after you eat it.
Guy 1: We gotta throw out the cake
Guy 2: Dude, it's two days past the best before, it won't kill you.
by UndisputedElite January 13, 2013
Every comedian's favourite suburb to put-down.
Julian: What about you love where are you from. Wait, let me guess, Frankston?

Chas: I had to do a gig in Adelaide the other day. Man it's like Frankston with churches!
by UndisputedElite January 16, 2013