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Short for open 24 hours. Commonly used in Chicago. Usually used to describe diners that are open all hours.
There's a diner open 24 here, just don't know where it is.
by UncleFossil December 09, 2010
It's a relatively new style of horror that emerged with an anthology called Reality Check: An Anthology Of Horror. It's part horror story part documentary (the narration is used as an unspoken narrator, the video camera, TV camera, or portable vid camera.)
The Blair Witch Project is a good example of the docuhorror sub-genre. This kind of horror makes one think. It makes it scary because it would have a real time effect.
by UncleFossil October 09, 2010
similar to a message board troll but one that puts a lot of untrue things about a person on their blog and pass it off as truth.
livejournal has a lot of these they spawned off to be fandomwank -- that community if full of blogtrolls
by UncleFossil August 04, 2010
The act of stealing in the written word. The worst crime in terms of copyright infringement.
Blogger Lewis Unknown and some others have repeatedly plagiairized works of a small press author from Illinois, he'd pass his plagiarism after plagiarism off as the original creations. David Boyer did an act of plagiarism author Ferrel Moore for a submission that was recommended for a Bram Stoker Award.
by UncleFossil November 04, 2010
One of the most offensive and disgusting cousins of fucker. Often used on blogs to swear at blogtrolls. This one out swears motherfucker.
The owner of LiveJournal is a goddamned pigfucker because he likes to make it rought for people who have a real website. The fuckstain makes it hard for people to be taken seriously when they have a real website and shuns the use of e-mail
by UncleFossil October 14, 2010
when someone copulates with their own blood relatives. In the states it's relatively sick. It's when some dude bangs their own relative.
Some time in the early 2000s, a mother and a son appeared on The Jerry Springer Show saying they were in love with each other, but in truth they were committing the sick act of incest. They wanted to have a baby together, and the crowd chanted "three headed baby, three headed baby, three headed baby."

The conclusion of that one was that the mother and son are motherfucking freaks. Who'd fuck their own mother? Can you imagine what their fuck child would look like -- *shudder*

It's like when a brother and sister are bumping uglies then the sister gets knocked up. They don't know what the fuck to call their kid (son/nephew or mother/aunt)
by UncleFossil December 26, 2010
A shitty gossip blog that invades the privacy of writers in the small press. Goes around violating the privacy of writers on facebook by making their private facebook postings public. One of the many shit bloggers out there thinking they're famous because they hammer on people who don't deserve it.
The Rusty Nail emerged when she decided to stalk a certain author's Xanga blog, she got five of the writers blogs pulled when the writer had a video blog revealing who she is.
by UncleFossil November 03, 2010
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