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Originators of the boshmen foundation. Formed initially by Jamie & Wes (uncle bosh & professor bosh), the organization quickly grew and took on Tom, Ad and Matt
I'm a tru-boshmen thats why
by Uncle bosh January 24, 2009
The act of doing bosh, usually achieved by swallowing a small quantity of 'bosh'. Larger amounts are highly recommended by tru-boshman, but advised against by the NHS. A group of boshers seeked help for this affliction by phoning the government help line for bosh, Talk to frank.

Frank however was unable to help, and was quickly overwhelmed with boshyness. Some say where frank failed, boshmen succeed.

He's bloody boshing again!
by Uncle bosh January 24, 2009
The solo boshman is known as a bosher, boshing by ones self is a tru-bosher trait.

Being a bosher requires you to be highly skilled in boshing since it can lead to extreme boshyness.

Without bosh a bosher is lost.
You bloody, bloody bosher
by Uncle bosh January 24, 2009
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