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3 definitions by Uncle Stinky

an elongated stain in the rear of one's underwear caused by one of the following: 1)rubbing of the underwear on an insufficiently wiped anus after excrementing 2)expelling juicy farts (butt cheese) into the underwear over an extended period.
"I think my underwear has a skid mark from farting all day"
by Uncle Stinky May 07, 2004
1039 312
1) slang for a male homosexual 2) any male who gives anal sex to a woman or a man 3) a person who inserts objects into another persons ass.
"John loves the gay bars. He knows he'll meet plenty of poop pushers there."
by Uncle Stinky May 07, 2004
31 8
The pasty accumulation of farts in your underwear.
I gotta wipe the butt cheese from my crack before it makes a skid mark on my underwear.
by Uncle Stinky May 07, 2004
75 53