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1. A statement of indifference to what is happening
2. A method of expressing ambivalence towards the current situation
3. A way to disavow knowledge of the cause of something
4. A way of blowing someone off
5. Most often used ironically, when you do actually know what is going on or why, but don't feel like explaining it
Man 1: Why is everyone throwing theirs socks at that clown?
Man 2: Don't ask me, I'm just here for the nachos.

Creepy guy in club: Hey baby, you wanna dance?
Woman: No thanks, I'm just here for the nachos.

(In a community chat room)
User 1: Why are those two airing their dirty laundry in a public forum?
User 2: No idea, I'm just here for the nachos.

Campus Security: You are all participating in an illegal demonstration. We have your names, and will be reporting you to your deans.
Student: Hey! Lay off, man! I'm just here for the nachos!
by Uncle Richard February 09, 2012
The little double-lines on either side of certain words used to indicate the existence of air quotes, when typing out what someone said.
He said he was "sorry", but I know he wasn't. (Note the pixel quotes)

When my boss told me he would need me to work "some" weekends, I didn't realize he meant "all" weekends. (Two pixel quotes in one sentence!)
by Uncle Richard May 12, 2010
The collection of places online where you go to NOT express your opinion.
I didn't really feel like saying anything yesterday, so I just trolled the indiffernet.

Once they added a Comments section to the page, they were kicked off the indiffernet.
by Uncle Richard April 15, 2010
1) When something completely ridiculous happens in real life that was actually a part of an episode of "Friends"

2) Forcing a conversation so as to quote a line from the the show "Friends"
Eric: We're not going to get this couch up the stairs unless we cut it in half.
Dean: We might as well, then this "Friends" moment will be complete.

Steve: Are you sure you know where we're going?
Paul: Are you sure you know how to dress yourself?
Steve: What?
Paul: Or something else that's mean about you.
Steve: That was the worst "Friends" moment ever.
by Uncle Richard June 24, 2010
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