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An E-affair is one where two married people in separate marriages are "involved" through text, phone calls, emails, FB, yahoo, any social networking yet do not engage in sex. Their relationship can be that of sharing intimate issues with each others spouse or a desire to be with the other person. This can involve sharing videos, pictures, web cams, sextexting, or phone sex.
Although Alissa and Marty weren't marrie to one another they were in an illicit e-affair for months.
by Uncle Procter June 08, 2011
The expert art of cunnilingus involving the ability to nibble the clitoris bringing the female partner to a amazing and lengthy orgasms.
He was an expert cunnilinguist with the ability to clibble for long periods of time bringing her to a cum or orgasm so hard she would grab his head and pull him into her for more clibbling.
by Uncle Procter March 10, 2011

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