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A South Jersey town that 40-50 years ago was nothing but Farms and open space and hicks. Today the town is over developed the traffic is a nightmare, there's Wawa's, Bank's, Rite Aid's and small stupid shopping malls on every freaking corner. Most people that live in Marlton are Middle-Upper class, and act like complete snot heads that think they're better then everyone else and like their crap doesn't smell, especially the kids. Most Kids get everything handed to them from Mommy and Daddy, they lack the meaning of work ethic and that money doesn't grow on trees. A Town named after dirt as alluded too in a earlier post. The jock mentality is definally in full effect here in Marlton. The Kids have humongous egos, but yet cannot fight, but just talk big and tough but are small as munchkins that try and act getto but would die in Camden and Philly. Also Heroin high was so 10-15 years ago..
"wow look at that senior from Marlton acting all tough, rumor has it he cannot even bench 60 pounds. "
by Uncle Henry the Idol December 10, 2009

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