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3 definitions by Uncle Dungheap

A white-collar crime organization; a pack of criminally insane political prostitutes without consciences, who have buried their faces in the public pie as though it were a feeding trough, and done nothing but loot the treasury for six long years. Only a fool or a whore would consider the current Republican Party a conservative party. Insofar as fiscal restraint and limited government are the defining features of the conservative position, the Republicriminal Party couldn’t be any fucking farther from Conservative.
If you think the Republican Party is conservative you have shit for brains.
by Uncle Dungheap June 03, 2006
Pejorative used to describe the New Republican Party and incredible spending habits. (The joke being that since communist governments don't really provide for the people's needs but just loot the treasuries to build up enormous militaries, Bush's New Republican Party is starting to resemble the Soviet Union).
The Republicommunists have confirmed the long-rumored merger of Halliburton and the Whitehouse and proposed a $1367 trillion dollar budget for the fiscal year 2007. Sig heil Commrades.
by Uncle Dungheap June 03, 2006
A jocular, non-serious way of telling someone that they are sucking at something (usually surfing or skateboarding or some such activity). The expression originated among Los Angeles area surfers who would try to intimidate surfers from farther inland (usually the San Fernando Valley) into not surfing at “their” break. Locals could tell a “Val” because people from the valley usually weren’t very good (not having access to the beach as easy as coast residents). Hence the expression becoming synonymous with “you suck.” Was popularized as a catch phrase by several bad Hollywood surf movies (eg Point Break).
Dude 1 tries to kickflip off a curb and falls on his face.
Dude2: Hahaha, go back to the valley.
by Uncle Dungheap June 10, 2006