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To place a female back into her natural setting of the kitchen after she has gone astray into other parts of the house, mistakenly thinking that she has some sort of rights in this country, like free will.
When you want waffles, and she wants Opra, you pull that bitch back to where she belongs.

When she breaks her chain using kitchen utensils, and starts to drive off but runs into the neighbors house because she is a woman and OBVIOUSLY cant drive, you pull that girl back to the kitchen, with many backhands to discipline.

Soon after Steve got married, he learned two of life's greatest lessons.

1. Everything a girl has to say has no point, so zoning out whenever they talk is the best solution.
2. Always pull a girl back when she starts to make a break for freedom.

Bernie's wife thought that she could "go out with the girls" without his permission, so he pulled that ho back to the kitchen to do his laundry.

The democrats pulled Tina Fay, I mean Sarah Palin back the her kitchen to cook food for her teenage daughters baby.
by Uncl Al June 03, 2009

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