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1 definition by Un peso

A versatile Spanish phrase with a vast array of meanings dependent on context, including but not limited to:

- "next to Denny's"
- "new and improved"
- "we're glad you're here"
- "everything just clicks"
- "growth spurt"
- "fast"
- "free high-speed Internet"
- "giving back to the community"

Due to this versatility, some people have claimed that La Quinta is, in fact, a sub-language within Spanish, rather than a simple Spanish phrase.

Problematically, the term has come to mean so many different things that it is possible to form various complete sentences by simply repeating "La Quinta," a property which can cause confusion and incomprehension from an uninformed listener.
La Quinta La Quinta La Quinta, La Quinta?

La Quinta La Quinta!
by Un peso August 24, 2007