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3 definitions by Umpire Strikes Back

In cricket the batsman who comes in at the end of the batting, number 11, the tail.
Captain: One more wicket lads and we've got the win
Player: It's alright skip, its the Tailend Charlie. He won't be around for long.
by Umpire Strikes Back October 02, 2004
A cricketing term. Sound interesting?
If I've told told you once I've told you a thousand times; if you're going to flash, flash hard
by Umpire Strikes Back November 04, 2004
A phrase with the same meaning as the "shit hits the fan" but from more original origins. A midden was a pile of general rubbish, generally containing excreations. A windmill is self-explanatory and so when the midden hits the windmill you are all going to get showered in shit.
Man 1) The boss found out that the virus on his PC was our fault
Man 2)The job's not worth it. Lets get out of here before the midden hits the windmill
by Umpire Strikes Back October 16, 2004