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When An Erect Man Inserts His Penis Into A Woman's Vagina
I came to my apartment. "Jessie, I'm Home!"
"Good." He said. I still could not see him.
"Were are you sweetie"
"In the bedroom."
This was weird. He NEVER was in the bedroom.
I went upstairs.
"Oh my Gosh!"
There he was, sitting on the bed naked with only some very tight speedo's on. His cock was beating against the fabric just dying to get out of it.
"I know you want to, I'm already hard, i watched some porn until you came home so that i would be."
"Well I cant object to that." My voice suductive and i was very horny
"Then come and join me."
He put the porn back on. i couldnt take it, i wanted to fuck him so hard. i began to undress, slowly. He looked at me while i was unbuttoning my blouse.
"So you caught on huh?"
"Oh yes i did. Keep this on, i want you to get rock hard."
I got everything off. he was still there, watching the porn.
I pushed him onto the bed and slipped my hand into his speedos, giving him a hand job. He began to moan, then screaming with joy when i started the blowjob.
"i never knew that you were so good Christina!"
"I never knew that you had such a big cock."
It was 10 inches. He could not take it. He pushed my hed harder against him.
He was so hard. i wanted to make him wait though. I flicked the gentle tip of his cockhead with my tongue. then u got up. positioned his cock up wards and began to ride. My hormones were raging. i made him in control and flipped us over.
"HARDER.. FASTER... I KNOW THAT YOU CAN GO FASTER.... HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!" i was screaming so loud.

"You want harder, ill give you harder."
He rammed in all of his 10 inches. I gasped and almost screamed with joy. Then we began to 69 each other. he took some shots at my clit and I was stroking his dick. Then i started to massage it, fluttered his balls and more. I remembered that i had some lotion in my drawers, i opened one since it was right next to me. I began to rub his 9 Inch cock. It curved up wanting more.
"You want more?"
"Yes, plese, please." then he started to moan again. I rubbed harder and faster. his cock was so hard. Part of the reason that i did this was so that his cock would go in much faster.
Then we started to fuck each other again. this went on for about and hour or so until i had had enough. i got up and started to rub my hairless pussy on his chest. hen he stood up, pushed me down and made me deep throat him he got all of his 10 inches in there. i couldnt stop myself, i started to bite him hard
"WHAT THE FUCK, HARDER HARDER!" he was screaming with joy. i wanted to make him wait again. i took out his cock and started to suck on both of his balls. after, we fell asleep. BEST SEX EVER!
by Ummm... My Defenition May 28, 2009

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