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Male undergarment distinguised by a 'y' shaped penis-flap at the front, which allows easy access for BJs or golden showers.

May cause infertility due to ballsack restriction.
"Do you think I'm sexy if I wear these y-fronts on my head?"
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
Used in reference to homosexual sex. A play on the usually heterosexual 69 position, where the numerals represent the position of the sexual partners.

In England '99' chiefly is associated with a popular type of ice-cream sold by ice-cream vans that are usually seen in seaside resorts.
"I went up to the ice-cream man and asked him for a 99. He gave me a large creamy one."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
If a person is 'going commando', they are not wearing any underwear.

It is called 'going commando' because of an old practice in the army, where, so you didn't shit your underwear in battle, you didn't wear any - and therefore could boast that you didn't shit your pants.

Also a known cure for vpl.
"I'm gonna wear those really tight shorts and go commando to show off my bulge."
by Umbongo - England April 01, 2003
The fourth science after Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Cockology relates to the study of the male genital organ.
"Jessica sucks dick like she got a PHD in Cockology!"
by Umbongo - England April 02, 2003
An exclamation used at the sight of a male blessed in the trouser regions.

An adjective used to describe the above average size of a penis.
"Even though Julie never ate fast food, she'd always jump at the chance to swallow a whopper."
by Umbongo - England March 30, 2003
A splicing of the words 'massive' and 'huge'. Used to indicate that something is large in measurement, and that the size need be excitedly proclaimed.
"Did you see that burger fat Jake ate? It was mahusive!"
by Umbongo - England March 31, 2003
This is the unsightly excess fat that protrudes sideways at the meeting of the thigh and buttock. More commonly found on women due to their higher natural body fat.

Splidge flanks are usually caused by excess fat, though they can also be caused by ill-fitting trousers or jeans.
"Check out that fine ass! Too bad about the splidge flanks."
by Umbongo - England March 31, 2003
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