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1-The Iranian (according to their President's opinion)
2-some people who defend their rights
3-young people who don't like their government
4-The geniuses
1- you are a piece of Khas o khashak, the government will finally catch you.
2- The Iranian students are some Khas o Khashak.
by Ugly Angel August 19, 2010
a small bag special for keys
it looks like a wallet but you can only put your keys inside
A) Have you seen my key wallet?
B) I'm not sure... what is a "key wallet" ?
A) It's like a wallet but a bit heavier because the keys are inside it
B) oh yeah... There it is
by Ugly Angel August 22, 2010

1-something between awesome and awful
2-not so good, not so bad
1-this dessert tastes aweseful.
2- A)you okay?

B)not bad...aweseful.
3-she plays awesefully, but I play better.
by Ugly Angel August 20, 2010

abbreviation of Pretend to Listen
listening carelessly or pretending to listen
1- heyyyy! are you pre-listening to me? what are you thinking about?

2- my mom always pre-listens to me! She never cares what I'm saying
by Ugly Angel August 20, 2010
1-the enlightened and broad-minded people of Iran(according to their president's opinion)
2-the scientists or educated people of Iran
1-You are a Bozghale, Mr president believes this!
2-You are realist, you are a kind of Bozghale
by Ugly Angel August 20, 2010
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