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It is a high school (obviously) in Park City, UT.
Park City High School is a high school that approximately 1500 students from a plethora of socioeconomic stratopoli attend. There is an equal emphasis on both academics and athletics

Its clubs (truly) include:

-Academic Decathlon

-American Red Cross

-Art Club

-Ballroom Dance

-Best Buddies

-Game & Wildlife Hunting & Programming

-Small Percussion

-SECS Club

-Social Injustice Club

-Southnorthern Asiatic Association Society Club for the Deaf, Blind, Mute, Dumb, Moronic, Gay and Lesbian (at the same time) Prohibitionist Hermaphroditic Nymphomaniacs Daughters and/or Sons of Northern-Bound Greedy Gentlemen and Whorish Ladies Interested in Perpetuating the Notion that all Partisan Artisan Plumbers and Pipefitters] of Yakustk and Milwaukee were Created to be Ensalved Under a Bald Emporer with an Unpronounceble Name in an Undisclosed Location at a Set Time.
"I live in the Park City area and am between the ages of 14 and 18, ergo, I attend Park City High School. Whie in attendance, I may or may not be addicted to one (or more) illegal substance. I believe that beer is proof that beer is meant to be drunk"
by UVCATASTROPHE! December 09, 2009

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