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Navy Seal Sniper mission in which a four man team was sent out to Snipe a Taliban Chief, known as Ben Sharmak because of security reasons. while waiting for him, afghan goat fuckers stumbled upon them and the jew killers went to sharmaks village and told them and over 200 goat fucking terrorists assaulted them and the seals killed over 150 befire being overan and only 1 survived. he is Marcus Lutrell. The Lone Survivor
USMC JOE: You heard of Operation Sand Niggas!? (while getting on Navy Helicopter)
Navy Joe: Yeah fuck them Sand Niggas
USMC JOE: Hoorah
Navy Joe: God bless the USA(Hands USMC JOE the rope)
USMC JOE: see ya ( while repellign out tf the helicopter)
by USMC REED June 22, 2009
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