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A panaramic photo or artwork that presents a story or narrative, as the viewer scans from left to right. The narrative could be graphic, typographic, photographic, or a combination of the three.
A panarative piece could be seen in a gallery, a commercial building, or maybe through the long hallway of a personal home. Could be printed, painted, drawn, etched, mosaic, ETC. It could spiral up or down depending on the installation space, and will provide some sort of story or sequence.
by URBANatural Design (.com) January 11, 2012
A panoramic photo or composition rendered in a concentric, or circular fashion.
For Example:

The iPhone app called 360Panorama will take a series of photos and seamlessly blend them together. Their "stereographic" style of viewing could be considered PANACENTRIC, basically a full radial view of a photo or artwork, that renders 360 degrees, or a complete PANACENTRIC piece. (A panarative would then be a panoramic photo with a narrative) See PANARATIVE
by URBANatural Design (.com) January 11, 2012

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