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The act of having a bowel movement while faceing the opposite direction on the toilet than is traditionally practiced. Deriven from the character A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez) off of the teen sit-com, Saved by the Bell, whom popularized the action of sitting on a chair backwards.
Oh man, last night I was so drunk that I took a dump Slater Style.
#shit #a.c. slater #saved by the bell #toilet #mario lopez #fecies #bowel movement
by UP 1 March 29, 2008
A bowel movement that requires only a single wiping in order to properly cleanse the anal cavity. (Note: the single wipe is enacted for 'security' purposes alone, otherwise no wipe would be necessary).
Man I took a huge dump last night and I was almost out of toilet paper, but it was all good because it was only a one wiper!
#poop #shit #fecies #toilet #bowel movement #dump #turd #log
by UP 1 March 30, 2008
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