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Being "Hardcore" these days, doesn't mean you have to party, or fight, and be a devil worshiper. You can still be hardcore in that way, but this is different. Hardcore kids are fans of core genre music. Hardcore, Post-Hardcore, Party-Core, Etc. They are some of the most dedicated music fans out there today Taking in every lyric and meaning, really feeling the music they dedicate themselves to. Side note, they don't listen to screamo. The majority are NOT EMO. EMO kids have nothing to do with a music style. The music itself is usually about things such as girls, life experiences, complex metaphors, ideals, and sometimes more brutal things depending on the person NOT the music style itself. Hardcore music Is NOT EMO or DEVILS music.
Now looks vary to anything. There is no specific look, though a lot seem to have a style in common. The look typically would be, Band t's, Bro Tanks, Skinny Jeans, Shants, Toms, Moccasins, Long Hair, usually straight, Abstract hats or jackets. Tattoos.Piercings. NOT ALL hardcore kids have gauged ears.
Personality, Most are the happiest, craziest, most random people i have ever met. Usually very creative, original, musically inclined. Can be straight-edge but a lot still party. Positive out-look. A brutal, but real take of life. Very enthusiastic, hyped up, and kind of obnoxious.
Give them a chance, and stop being ignorant fucks.
Hardcore kids are the Shit
by TyyBot February 21, 2013
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