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The greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop. Ask mainstream music fans about Outkast and they will say Bombs Over Baghdad and Hey Ya and The Way You Move. But not as many people know that Outkast created the three greatest hip hop albums of all time -- Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, ATLiens, and Aquemini. Got booed once by jealous New York rap fans who couldn't accept that a group from the South was better than everyone from NYC.
Speakerboxxx and The Love Below was nice, but fuck shakin it like a polaroid picture, whatchu know about "ain't no thang but a chicken wang" and "if you got fish and grits and all dat pimp shit" and "da art of storytellin". That's the real Outkast.
by Tyrone Biggums, Ph.D May 21, 2006
The way you can tell if someone is a movie snob is by asking them what they like to do in their spare time. If they say "movies" they are normal people. If they say "film" they are movie snobs. Movie snobs are the kind of people who go see a movie like Spiderman and then whine that it's unrealistic because there's no way a real person could get bit by a spider and be able to fly from building to building.
You can usually find movie snobs posting 1000 messages a minute on imdb.com trying to make themselves look smarter than other people and telling everyone else they are using bad grammar. Chances are they are in their mid-20s, don't have jobs, and live in their mom's basement. They might try to make independent movies but don't realize that everyone else thinks their movies are terrible.
by Tyrone Biggums, Ph.D April 30, 2006
Jewish comedy. Comedy made by Jews.
Seinfeld is a jewmedy.
by Tyrone Biggums, Ph.D May 07, 2006
See choker. One who chokes.
There's a reason Peyton Manning has never won anything in his life -- he pisses his pants when he plays any team that can put pressure on him. Throwing a million td passes against the texans and titans playing behind the best pass-blocking offensive line in the league doesn't make you a great quarterback.
by Tyrone Biggums, Ph.D May 05, 2006

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