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A small country with a huge population, brother-sister incest in its purest, most loving lifestyle, and which is distinguished by having the best and the worst spirituality all together in one country.

India has starving millions who are the victims of prejudice, a terrible lack of hygiene which most tourists fall victim to, a high rate of killing female babies both before and after their birth, yet is the most exotic and beautiful country on Earth.
India is a land of contrasts - beauty and innocence right next to child slavery and abuse, wise gurus and charlatans, rich exotic spices and masses of diseased rats.
by Typical Charlie February 10, 2012
A society or condition of society that has risen above the state of savagery and barbaric practices, and shows a sense of justice and fairness, giving equality, rights and freedoms to all.

For example, native colonies who are kind and loving to each other, respect nature by giving back what they take, living in harmony with nature and the seasons, should be considered civilized. Whereas people who attack other countries and destroy their culture, exploit the Earth and destroy it, ignore their poor, kill their own unborn babies and even make it legal, spread pollution everywhere, showing greed instead of kindness and compassion, should be considered an uncivilized people. The classic example of an uncivilized nation, with all of the above savagery and barbaric behavior patterns, is America.
Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought of "Western civilization". He said "I think it would be a good idea," emphasizing that the West has not become civilized yet.
by Typical Charlie January 13, 2012
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