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3 definitions by Tylerthedestroyer

A friendly way for kids to compete with one another in their perception of their own popularity. More specifically, the number of friends they have recorded, number of pictures they have tagged/ been tagged in, and the variety of comments on their "walls." Ironically created by a bitter, unpopular nerd.
Mike claims he has a facebook to "connect" with friends. In reality, Mike has a facebook to ensure others will believe he leads an enviable, popular life and to jack off to the bikini pictures of girls he managed to make contact with.
by Tylerthedestroyer October 03, 2011
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Yo man am I the fuckin alien?
That kid is walking like robocop. He must be robotripping.
by Tylerthedestroyer September 24, 2011
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A person who is constantly forgetting things; or infamous for forgetting.
John that project was due last week. Why are you so forgetfamous? It drives me crazy!
by tylerthedestroyer November 25, 2012
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