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1.) Like reds but the paper don't burn as fast. They taste much better than lights, which are for bitches and queermofagsexuals. Mediums are usually bought when there are no reds available.

2.) Marlboro Red Jr... Life's short, smoke up, kiddos.
Kid: Evening fine sir, a pack of Marlboro Reds please.
Clerk: You look kinda young, lemme get some ID.
Kid: I meant mediums, sorry.
Clerk: Oh aight, that'll be $8.50.

Inner thought: Finally, a store that sells smokes.
Me: Really, you only got two types of cigarettes?
Clerk: Yeah? You want Camel lights or Marlboro mediums?
Me: Uhh... the mediums... What are you, retarded?
Clerk: Excuse me? This is a fine wine store you know.
Me: Look. I don't care if your gay, just gimme da smokes.
by Tyler Higgins December 19, 2012
when your not sure what to say
do you know what the answer to the question you say yanay
by tyler higgins September 12, 2007
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