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when a good looking girl walks by you forget everything which is a severe case of damnesia
my buddy stopped mid sentence from a case of damnesia when the hottest girl in school walked by
by Tyler Call March 25, 2007
the act of gettin totally fucked up that wakin up in a different house doesnt suprise you
Back in the day we would get housed and wake up in our nieghbors garage.
by tyler call March 20, 2007
the methods and tricks used by hoes to get guys to do what they want
Tina used her hoe tactics to be able to go on the Jacksonville trip
by Tyler Call March 20, 2007
Canned biscuits that have the seal that you must break by "womping" it on the counter to open it.
"With breakfast this morning why don't you open a can of wompems."
by Tyler Call December 27, 2006
the female equivalent of a "tea bagging"
After a friend passed out drunk after a party one of the girls at the party put him in a twat lock
by Tyler Call December 28, 2006

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