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When a guy sees someone attractive and wants to have sex with her!
Dang, I wanna tap that shit so bad man!
by Tyler B February 15, 2005
its when u take the grannys skin and slap it on your face!!!!
ask my grandma how it feels!
by Tyler B February 17, 2005
Similiar to a blowjob except the chick sucks on the dick sideways, making the dick hit the inner cheek.
This time Maria gave me a Cob Job not a blowjob, its was diverse.
by Tyler B January 22, 2005
Pretty much another word for Blowjob, its when someone sucks on someone elses cock!
My g/f gave me an amazing slippery wet last night.
by Tyler B January 22, 2005
When you pop either the left or right nut into somones ass.
Last night that chick was so tight when i popped-a-nut i couldn't get my nut out! :(
by Tyler B January 22, 2005
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